Making Healthcare
Better for Everyone


Making Healthcare
Better for Everyone


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Medical Billing Services

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Physician’s Revenue Management

We fulfill our mission by keeping our doctors independent because you’re the ones who make healthcare better for everyone. We’ll provide you with billing services, work flow analysis and revenue cycle management to free you up to practice medicine with less hassle and more profit.

Is Your Office Dysfunctional?

Is your staff’s focus pulled away from
patient care to spend time on your
paperwork and your backlog of work?

Are Your Reimbursements Too Slow? Or Too Low?

Are your rejection rates too high?
Are your insurance reimbursements too low?
Do you have trouble following up on denials?

Is Your Income Pipeline Leaking?

Do you have trouble collecting from both
payers and patients? Are your accounts
receivable keeping your income down?
Do you have unnecessary expenses?

You don’t have to accept the status quo

We have the solutions

Our Services

Business Analysis & Consultation

We start by looking at everything in your practice, from who makes the coffee in the morning to who locks up at night.

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Integrated Systems Solutions

When the departments in your practice don’t communicate, you create inefficiencies. We integrate it all: practice management,EHR, merchant’s services, billing, clearinghouse, and patient portal.

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Medical Billing Services

Your billing isn’t a side line for us, it’s our focus. We fight for every one of your dollars, driving your claims until they become money in your bank.

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